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Petition to the House of Commons

  • In 1985, while on a five-day cycling holiday organized by the City of Calgary, Joanne Mugford, 13, Stephanie Trono, 14, and Diane Hill, 15, were struck and killed by a motor vehicle, and six other children were injured;
  • In 1992, a traumatised witness to this horrific accident, Bill Pratt, general manager of Canada 125 and founding president of the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, inaugurated a non-motorized cross-country trail intended for hikers and cyclists of all ages and abilities, and promised that it would be built far enough from roads and highways to protect users from deadly confrontations with motor vehicles;
  • The Trans Canada Trail now includes 8,500 km of highway and roads, and 5,000 km of trail used by off-road motor vehicles;
  • The Trans Canada Trail now includes 7,000 km of waterway, and 3,500 km of often impassable greenway;
  • In 2012, while on a three-week Trans Canada Trail cycling holiday in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Elizabeth Ann Sovis, 63, was struck and killed by a motor vehicle.
We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to to adopt a Trans Canada Trail Act that will establish minimum standards for quality and safety, and, in particular, will ensure that this trail (The Great Trail) is a genuinely non-motorized and world-class greenway.

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