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Petition to the House of Commons

  • The RCMP Pay Council issued a report in January 2015 entitled "Fair Compensation for the RCMP" that recommended a wage increase for RCMP members;
  • Sometime in 2015, the RCMP Commissioner recommended to the President of the Treasury Board that the wages of RCMP members be increased;
  • The Minister of Public Safety nor the President of the Treasury Board have signaled whether the Government of Canada will move ahead on the recommended wage increase nor have they given any indication as to when a decision will be made with respect to that recommendation;
  • Bill C-7 is the government's response to a January 2015 ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada that the prohibition of collective bargaining for RCMP members was a violation of their Charter Rights;
  • On June 21, 2016 the Senate sent Bill C-7 back to the House of Commons with amendments;
  • The President of the Treasury Board has yet to bring Bill C-7 back to the House of Commons to address the Senate amendments; and
  • Uncertainty about the timeline and final form of Bill C-7 creates needles difficulties for organizations attempting to certify a bargaining agent for RCMP members.
We, the undersigned, members of the RCMP and citizens of Canada,, call upon the President of the Treasury Board to immediately implement a fair wage increase for RCMP members and bring Bill C-7 back to the House of Commons and accept the Senate amendments that expand the scope of grievance rights and remove exclusions that unduly restrict the bargaining rights of RCMP members.

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