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Petition to the Minister of Transport

  • Recreation boating is an activity valued by families across Canada;
  • On an annual basis, 12.4 million Canadians enjoy recreational boating and this activity contributes $5.6 billion to our economy and employs over 75000 Canadians;
  • Transport Canada has proposed to eliminate the Rental Boat Safety Checklist (RBSC) as a form of proof of competency for Canadians wishing to rent a pleasure craft;
  • The RBSC is a proven and effective method for providing renters safety training and information specific to the pleasure craft being rented and the body of water it is operated on;
  • Neither the Minister of Transport nor his Department have provided Canadians with any data or statistics supporting the proposed elimination of the RBSC;
  • Elimination of the RBSC will prevent some Canadians from participating in recreational boating;
  • Elimination of the RBSC will make recreational boating more expensive and less accessible for Canadian families renting pleasure craft;
  • Many Canadian families, especially those recently arrived in Canada, rent pleasure craft before becoming pleasure craft owners themselves; and
  • The government should promote and increase access to outdoor activities like recreational boating for Canadian families.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Minister of Transport to amend the Department of Transport's proposed changes to the Pleasure Craft Operator Competency Program to ensure Canadian families can continue to use the Rental Boat Safety Checklist to access recreational boating experiences unless the Minister or the Department are able to provide data or statistics clearly demonstrating that the proposed changes are necessary to increase public safety.

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