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Petition to the Government of Canada

  • Steel products manufactured in the United States are subject to a 25% surtax imposed by the Government of Canada in response to the U.S. tariff of 25% on imported steel;
  • The list of Tariff Items (from the Harmonized System) subjected to the 25% surtax is very broad and includes many types of steel that are not manufactured in Canada;
  • Due to investment and infrastructure decisions made by steel companies, many forms and grades of steel required for manufacturers are not made in Canada;
  • End use customers specify the grade of steel, not the manufacturer.
  • Some patented specialty grades can only legally be made the U.S.;
  • The process for remission of surtaxes is very extensive and time consuming, with no guarantee that any of the surtax paid can be recovered;
  • Canadian manufacturing companies are being made non-competitive internationally due to the 25% surtax imposed by the Canadian Government;
  • Value added manufacturing in Canada provides many high paying jobs and contributes significantly to the Canadian economy; and
  • Surtaxes on goods not otherwise available in Canada only hold back the Canadian economy.
We, the undersigned, Canadian Manufacturing Company Owners and Employees, call upon the House of Commons to immediately remove all steel products from the countermeasure surtax list (by Tariff Item number) for products that are not manufactured in Canada, specifically bars of stainless and/or alloy steels, or, if removal of the surtax is not feasible, provide a mechanism for exclusion of the 25% surtax on steel and articles of steel that are not manufactured in Canada that is simple, rather than the complicated remission process.

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