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Petition to the Government of Canada

  • The federal Liberal government’s ban on crude oil tankers on British Columbia’s coast was rushed and based on ideology, not on science or consultation;
  • Thirty-five Indigenous communities were not consulted, and oppose the ban because it eliminates immediate and future economic and social opportunities and benefits;
  • The government did not adequately examine the negative economic impacts of the tanker ban, particularly on major infrastructure initiatives, Indigenous-owned businesses, and opportunities for Indigenous communities in the region;
  • The government did not undertake comprehensive assessments of environmental and marine ecological protection and opportunities for improvements, including spill prevention and response;
  • The government did not adequately consider a national economic assessment, including diversifying oil export markets, especially in the Asia Pacific, and the equity, business, training, and employment opportunities for Indigenous and other communities throughout Canada; and
  • The proposed ban is an attack on one sector, unfairly targets certain vessels and products, and fails to adequately address foreign vessels that participate in the voluntary exclusion zone.
We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to withdraw the proposed ban on crude oil tanker traffic off BC’s north coast and begin a new process whereby the interests of all affected, especially Indigenous and other communities in the region, are considered concurrently with a robust industry and national economic assessment, which recognizes the importance of ensuring Canada’s world-leading environmentally and socially responsible oil and gas industry can reach the growing demand of global markets.

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