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Petition to theHouse of Commons

  • On January 12, 2015, Michel Vienneau was killed by a police officer from the city of Bathurst, New Brunswick;
  • The death of Michel Vienneau was the result of a false tip sent to Crime Stoppers NB by an unknown tipster;
  • Crime Stoppers NB received and immediately forwarded this false information to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP);
  • The RCMP did not investigate and assigned police officer Patrick Bulger to the scene;
  • The Bathurst City Police led a public lynching campaign against Michel Vienneau after he was killed for no reason;
  • Crime Stoppers NB and police officers may be responsible for the death of Michel Vienneau;
  • There is a probable link between the tipster and the questionable police operation; and
  • This killing affects all Canadians.
We, the undersigned,citizens and residents of Canada, call upon thethe Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparednessto compel all tipsters and witnesses in this case to appear before a public inquiry and to demand that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police disclose any information in its possession in relation to this case, including (i) the name and identity of the tipster who gave the false tip, (ii) any communications before, during and after the murder of Michel Vienneau related to this case, including the questionable police operation, (iii) any evidence involving any police force and any persons and agencies.

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