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Petition to the House of Commons

  • At one time the Government of Canada issued “The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal’ (CVSM), a Volunteer Service Medal to recognize Canadians who served voluntarily in the Canadian Forces;
  • This honourable and noteworthy acknowledgment of volunteerism by our Veterans and our Troops abruptly stopped on March 1, 1947; and
  • Veterans Affairs Canada considers any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who releases with an honourable discharge and who successfully underwent basic training to be a Veteran.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada , call upon the Government of Canada to recognize by means of the creation and issuance of a new “Canadian Military Volunteer Service Medal” (CMVSM), to be designated “The Canadian Military Volunteer Service Medal", for volunteer service by Canadians in the Regular Forces, Reserve Military Forces, and Cadet Corps Support Staff who have completed 365 days of uninterrupted honourable duty in the service of their country Canada, since September 2, 1945, to present day and in perpetuity.

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