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e-4335 (Social affairs and equality)

Initiated by Nadia El-Mabrouk from Montréal, Quebec

Original language of petition: French

Petition to the Prime Minister

  • A religious representative answering directly to the Prime Minister violates the religious neutrality of the state as the mandate to combat racism and hate propaganda against all citizens falls to the Department of Canadian Heritage and Justice Canada;
  • Islamophobia is a militant, overused term that conflates respect for Muslims with absolute respect for the precepts of Islam;
  • It is the term promoted by Islamist regimes and activists around the world in order to silence any criticism against actions carried out in the name of Islam;
  • Its use includes actions or words deemed blasphemous with regard to the Muslim religion, whereas blasphemy is not a crime in a liberal, democratic regime guaranteeing freedom of expression;
  • The title of the position does not include combatting religious intolerance which, in the name of religious beliefs or texts, incites hatred;
  • This position could prevent criticism of religious fundamentalism, whose first victims are Muslims themselves, whose full freedom of conscience implies the opportunity to oppose religious practices, change their religion or no longer have one;
  • Canada already has the legislative tools to combat hate, in all its forms;
We, the undersigned, Canadians and Quebeckers, call upon the Prime Minister to abolish the position of Canadian representative on combatting Islamophobia.
Open for signature
March 3, 2023, at 2:43 p.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
May 2, 2023, at 2:43 p.m. (EDT)
Photo - Martin Champoux
Bloc Québécois Caucus
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