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e-3292 (Environment)

Initiated by Michael Gillan from Caledon, Ontario

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the Government of Canada

  • Washer fluid jugs contribute upwards of 70 million unrecyclable cartons of plastic waste to Canadian landfills every year;
  • Due to the methanol, these cartons are too costly to recycle and are subsequently thrown away; and
  • There are readily available alternatives to this, as this form of plastic packaging is no longer needed.
We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:
1. Invest in technologies that offer alternatives to plastic packaging used for washer fluid jugs; and
2. Add plastic packaging to the growing list of banned single use plastics.
Open for signature
March 31, 2021, at 10:05 a.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
April 30, 2021, at 10:05 a.m. (EDT)
Photo - Kyle Seeback
Conservative Caucus
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