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e-3162 (Justice)

Initiated by Jillian McLeod from Brampton, Ontario

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the Minister of Justice

  • The advocacy group Justice 4 Families has received 104,774 signatures on a "Change org" petition supporting the strengthening of laws and sentencing in regard to impaired and dangerous driving;
  • Stunt driving has seen an increase of up to 95% in many regions of Ontario alone;
  • There were 15 victims of impaired drivers in 2020 and in three cases, these were repeat offenders; and
  • The Parole Board of Canada hasn't had a proper audit or review of policies or mandate since 2014.
We, the undersigned, Justice 4 Families, call upon the Minister of Justice to:
1. Amend the Criminal Code to include stunt driving and street racing as federal offenses with applicable jail terms;
2. Amend the Criminal Code to create mandatory minimum sentences of 15 years for federal driving offenses;
3. Amend the Criminal Code to make mandatory each charge be served consecutively;
4. Amend the Criminal Code to increase minimum penalties including fines, jail terms, impounding, license suspension for impaired driving;
5. Amend the Criminal Code to reflect that the intent to harm or cause death while driving impaired is assumed and that the vehicle driven be considered a weapon;
6. Amend parole eligibility regulations to make it mandatory that convicted offenders serve 3/4 of their sentences for impaired driving causing bodily harm, impaired driving causing death, dangerous operation causing bodily harm, dangerous operation causing death, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and criminal negligence causing death; and
We thank the Honourable Justice Minister David Lametti for his consideration.
Open for signature
February 8, 2021, at 3:36 p.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
March 10, 2021, at 3:36 p.m. (EDT)
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