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e-2636 (Government services and administration)

Initiated by Rachel Ettinger from Kemptville, Ontario

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the Government of Canada

  • Toilet paper is a basic necessity, yet menstrual products are seen as luxury items;
  • Menstruation is a part of health;
  • Not all individuals who menstruate can afford menstrual products and may have to choose between eating dinner or buying products;
  • Those who menstruate have experienced a time when they were unprepared for their period and had to leave work or school, which creates an equity issue.;
  • Over 50% of the Canadian population menstruates;
  • When a workplace is an inclusive space for all, employees are happier and more productive;
  • In 2019, the federal government began moving in this direction when it organized a first round of consultation on the prospect of providing free menstrual products in federally regulated workplaces; and
  • Ultimately, no policy change has materialized and the government’s interest in the initiative appears to have faded.
We, the undersigned, Canadian citizens, call upon the Government of Canada to provide free menstrual products (tampons and pads) in washrooms at all federally regulated workplaces and address menstrual equity at the national level by recommencing its work on this proposal.
Open for signature
July 7, 2020, at 9:42 a.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
September 5, 2020, at 9:42 a.m. (EDT)
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London North Centre
Liberal Caucus
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