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e-2354 (Environment)

Initiated by Craig Teneycke from Vancouver, British Columbia

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled

  • The more robustly and efficiently a cross-country interconnection of electrical power grids is accomplished, the faster Canada can move from a petroleum-based economy to one using carbon-free electricity;
  • Making carbon-free power readily available across the country would allow switching to net-zero technology for hyperloop transportation systems, electric vehicles, and other devices and systems that currently rely heavily on petroleum;
  • Facilitating the interconnection of power grids across the country, and facilitating the routing of emissions-free or net-zero power to a cross-country electrical storage systems, would help route clean electric power efficiently throughout Canada;
  • A cross-country electrical creation and storage network would build capacity for individuals to generate electricity and to share the power over and above that which is needed for their own use;
  • There exists already a diverse array of technology to support emissions-free or net-zero power creation, including solar panels, concentrating solar power, Stirling engines, small hydro turbines, floating stratosphere wind turbines, and tidal power; and
  • There are proven electrical storage capacity systems available, including pumped hydroelectric storage systems, compressed air energy storage, molten salt thermal storage, redox flow batteries, conventional rechargeable battery, non-lithium batteries, lithium batteries, thermal storage, and flywheels.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to:
1. Support and facilitate the cross-country interconnection of electrical power grids, electrical power creation, and electrical power storage systems; and
2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by shifting Canada to carbon-free electrical power generation, power storage, and power transportation systems.
Open for signature
January 8, 2020, at 4:05 p.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
April 7, 2020, at 4:05 p.m. (EDT)
Photo - Jenny Kwan
Vancouver East
New Democratic Party Caucus
British Columbia
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