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432-01079 (Business and trade)

Paper petition

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the House of Commons


  • More than 24,000 Travel Advisors in Canada have been without income for one year due to Government imposed COVID Travel restrictions;
  • These Travel Advisors are being asked by Canadian Airlines and their subsidiary Travel Companies to repay commissions earned at the end of 2019 & beginning of 2020 on their clients' trips that were cancelled due to said Travel Restrictions, known as "commission recalls" or "Commission claw-backs".

We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to:

  • Ensure that any financial assistance to Airlines and their subsidiary Travel Companies, will be conditional on the protection of Travel Advisor commissions;
  • Ensure that commissions already clawed back by the Airlines & their subsidiary Travel Companies will be repaid to Travel Advisors in a timely manner.

Presented to the House of Commons
Martin Shields (Bow River)
June 11, 2021 (Petition No. 432-01079)
Photo - Martin Shields
Bow River
Conservative Caucus

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