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Terms of Use for Supporting an E-petition

If you wish to support the publishing of an e-petition, you must accept the following Terms of Use:

  • You must carefully read the guide entitled Electronic Petitions — Guide for Supporters, which is available on the House of Commons petitions website.
  • You must provide your phone number, country, province or territory and postal code.
  • Your name will only be added to the total number of names garnered by the e-petition once it has been validated by the Clerk of Petitions in accordance with the Electronic Petitions — Guide for Supporters.
  • The use of false names or the provision of any information you know to be false is prohibited.
  • You may only add your name to an e-petition once. If you initiated the petition, you may not also act as a supporter.
  • The House of Commons reserves the right to remove your name from an e-petition at any time if it determines that these Terms of Use have been breached.
  • The House of Commons may use your personal information to contact you, validate your identity, ensure the integrity of the e-petition process and provide you with updates on the e-petition. Your personal information will not be shared or publicly disclosed, except in accordance with the Electronic Petitions — Guide for Supporters and these Terms of Use. None of the personal information provided to the House of Commons by a supporter, including their name, will be published on this website.
  • A breach of these Terms of Use may amount to contempt of the House of Commons.
  • These Terms of Use may, at the sole and absolute discretion of the House of Commons, be subject to change at any time.

Revised on January 21, 2019

Disclaimer regarding e-petitions