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Terms of Use for Creating and Submitting an E-petition

By creating and submitting an e-petition, you acknowledge, understand and accept the following:

  • You must carefully read the guide entitled Electronic Petitions — Guide for Creating and Submitting a Petition, which is available on the e-petitions website.
  • You confirm that the information you provided to the House of Commons when creating an account for the purpose of creating and submitting an e-petition is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Your e-petition must be created and submitted in good faith and must not include, among other things:
    • false names or any information you know to be false;
    • potentially libelous or defamatory statements;
    • information protected by a court order (e.g., the identities of children in custody disputes);
    • matters that are the subject of legal proceedings;
    • impertinent or improper matters; or
    • disrespectful or offensive language with respect to the Crown, Parliament or the courts.
  • You must provide the full name and email address of at least five people who will support your e-petition. Before providing this information about these supporters to the House of Commons, you must obtain each supporter’s consent.
  • Once your e-petition is submitted to others for support, it will not be possible for you to modify the text of your e-petition.
  • Once your e-petition receives the backing of five supporters, you must then obtain the consent of a Member of Parliament to sponsor your e-petition in order for your e-petition to proceed to examination by the Clerk of Petitions.
  • You are solely responsible for the content of your e-petition. The Member of Parliament sponsoring your e-petition is not necessarily supporting the content of your petition. You will not promote your e-petition by using the sponsoring Member’s name without his or her consent.
  • The House of Commons and the Members of Parliament identified as potential sponsors for your e-petition may use your personal information to contact you, validate your identity, ensure the integrity of the e-petition process in accordance with the Electronic Petitions — Guide for Creating and Submitting a Petition, and provide you with updates on the e-petition.
  • If the Clerk of Petitions determines after examination that your petition is correct as to form and content, the House of Commons will translate your e-petition and it will be posted on this website in both official languages.
  • Upon posting your e-petition on this website, the House of Commons will also post your name and city, and certain information about your e-petition in accordance with the Electronic Petitions — Guide for Creating and Submitting a Petition.
  • Your e-petition may be removed from this website at any time if the House of Commons determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the Electronic Petitions — Guide for Creating and Submitting a Petition or any of these Terms of Use have been breached.
  • A breach of these Terms of Use may amount to contempt of the House of Commons.

November 2015

Disclaimer regarding e-petitions